Valentina Siclovan

Vice President Finance

Romanian, born in 1960

Valentina Siclovan was appointed Vice President Finance of the Black Sea Trade & Development Bank on 16 September 2010.


 Ms. Siclovan started her career holding financial positions in different companies. In 1992 she joined the Ministry of Public Finance of Romania and after taking progressively responsible managerial positions, in 2000 became Deputy Minister in charge of the preparation and implementation of the state budget. She was also responsible for the financial policy issues of the Romanian accession to the EU. In 1996-2000, she was representing Romania in the Board of Directors of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank and the Council of Europe Development Bank. In 2001-2007 she served two consecutive terms at BSTDB as Vice President Banking and Vice President Operations being responsible for developing the Bank’s operations portfolio and strategies. In 2008 she joined Gaz de France Suez in Romania as Vice-President, Business Development & Strategy, being responsible for the coordination of project development in South East Europe (ex- Yugoslav countries, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Turkey).


Mrs. Siclovan has a degree in finance and accounting from the Romanian Academy of Economic Studies. She did her post-graduate studies at Dauphine University in Paris.


She is the author of several publications in the field of finance, credit and accounting.