Project Procurement

Public Sector Operations

Clients are responsible for implementing Bank financed projects, including all aspects of the procurement process from the planning stage through the award of contracts as well as the administration of the contracts themselves. The Bank may advise and assist clients in the procurement process and institutional development for specific projects and require provisions as a condition of financing, but it is not a party to the resulting contracts.

The Bank’s review of the procurement and contract administration processes will focus on critical steps that are necessary to ensure eligibility of the contract for Bank financing, in particular the procurement plan, the tender documents, the tender evaluation and contract award recommendations, and material changes and claims during execution of the contract.

Private Sector Operations

For private sector operations, the Bank will encourage its clients to use procurement methods that lead to a sound selection of goods, works and services at fair market prices, and to make their capital investments in a cost effective manner.  Businesses often achieve these aims by following established commercial practices other than formal international competitive tendering for their procurement. 


Nevertheless, wherever appropriate, the Bank will encourage the use of international competitive tendering methods by such clients, particularly for large contracts. Careful procurement planning that takes into account the particular needs of the project is essential for the Bank’s evaluation and agreement.  In operations involving private-public partnerships, the Bank will seek to review contractual arrangements and procurement procedures, according to the best practices adopted by the Multilateral Development Banks, as per the documents below.


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