Capital and Shareholder Structure

CAPITAL STRUCTURE Diversified Shareholder Structure
  • The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank initially had SDR 1 billion (EUR1.15 billion) of authorized share capital, comprising SDR 300 million paid-in and SDR 700 million callable;
  • A capital increase of SDR 2 billion (EUR 2.3 billion) was authorized by the Board of Governors in 2007. SDR 1 billion (EUR1.15 billion) was committed for subscription by the existing shareholders. This additional capital has the same 30% payable and 70% callable structure. The 30% payable portion is scheduled to be fully paid by the end of 2018.
  • As at 21st June 2013 the Bank’s capital was redenominated to EUR.
  • As at 30th June 2017: Authorized Capital was EUR 3.45 billion, Subscribed Capital EUR 2.29 billion and Paid in Capital EUR 625.3 million.
Country Ownership (%)
Russia 16.5
Turkey 16.5
Greece 16.5
Romania 14.0
Bulgaria 13.5
Ukraine 13.5
Azerbaijan 5.0
Albania 2.0
Armenia 1.0
Georgia 0.5
Moldova 0.5

i) In 2011 Moldova requested and the Board of Governors approved a reduction in its shareholdings from 1% to 0.5%. Therefore, 0.5% of the BSTDB subscribed capital is unallocated.