Funding Profile

  • The Black Sea Trade & Development Bank (BSTDB) has to date funded itself from a combination of bilateral and syndicated loans, bond issuance and a Euro Commercial Paper program;
  • BSTDB benefits from funding facilities provided by other development institutions, including: KfW (Germany), the Nordic Investment Bank, Proparco (France) and the Development Bank of Austria;
  • April 2012 - BSTDB established a EUR 1 billion Euro Commercial Paper program; 
  • May 2015 - BSTDB established a EUR 1 billion Euro Medium Term Note programme;
  • The Bank currently has two bonds outstanding:
  • USD 500 million bond issued in April 2016, with a coupon of 4.875%, maturing in April 2021.
  • CHF 100 million bond issued in May 2015, with a coupon of 1.625%, maturing in December 2019