BSTDB Increases Financing for Leasing in Georgia

Date: 05-Jan-2018

BSTDB extended its fourth loan in the amount of USD 5 million to TBC Leasing, a leading provider of financial lease services in Georgia. The 3-year facility will be used to finance leases of production equipment and commercial vehicles to small- and medium-sized local enterprises (SMEs). BSTDB’s previous facility was used to finance over 130 leasing transactions for Georgian companies through TBC Leasing, and BSTDB expects a similar impact from the new facility.


The previous three successfully utilized facilities were provided in 2007, 2011, and 2014. The cumulative financing provided by BSTDB to TBC Leasing reached USD 15 million.


Since the start of its operations, BSTDB has disbursed over EUR 267 million in Georgia, mainly focused on support for SME and the financial sector development.