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11 Apr 2014Joint Meeting of the BSTDB Board of Directors and BSEC Committee of Senior Officials, Greece
20 Mar 2014BSTDB to Acquire Permanent Premises in Thessaloniki, Greece
06 Mar 2014BSTDB contributes to the 8th Development Finance Institutions Annual Meeting on Corporate Governance
05 Feb 2014Moody’s upgrades BSTDB credit ratings
06 Dec 2013BSTDB Delegation Participated in the International Investment Bank (IIB) Council Jubilee Session
27 Nov 2013BSTDB Participated in the Meeting of the Heads of Procurement of Multilateral Development Banks
20 Nov 2013BSTDB President participates in the Global Meeting of Regional Organizations
18 Oct 2013BSTDB President Speaks to Regional Municipalities in Athens
23 Sep 2013BSTDB Adopts a New Environmental and Social Policy
23 Sep 2013BSTDB Board of Directors Approves an Updated Public Information Policy
17 Sep 2013Standard & Poor’s Rating Services affirms BSTDB credit ratings at Long Term A- / Short Term A2, outlook stable
23 Jun 2013BSTDB Concludes the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors in Baku, Azerbaijan
26 Apr 2013BSTDB is launching an online application form to facilitate the submission of business proposals
04 Mar 2013BSTDB and IIB Discuss Closer Cooperation, Russia
07 Feb 2013BSTDB contributes to the 7th Development Financial Institutions Meeting on Corporate Governance
18 Jan 2013Standard and Poor’s Lowered by One Notch BSTDB Ratings Under Revised Criteria
14 Jan 2013BSTDB Joined a Communiqué with 28 IFIs on Contributing to Creating More and Better Jobs
22 Nov 2012BSTDB contributes to the Southeast Europe Business Forum in Istanbul
30 Oct 2012BSTDB Signs a USD 70 Million Facility with KfW (Germany)
23 Oct 2012The BSTDB President speaks on private sector development at the Economic Summit of Serbia
02 Oct 2012BSTDB participated at the 9th Annual Meeting of IFIs Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs)
27 Sep 2012BSTDB Supports SME Financing in Turkey, Turkey
25 Sep 2012BSTDB delegation visits Ukraine, Ukraine
13 Sep 2012BSTDB President Andrey Kondakov participated in the International Business Forum in Istanbul, Turkey
04 Sep 2012BSTDB Is Registered by the Russian Securities Authority for Bond Issuance in the Russian Rouble Market - Федеральная служба по финансовым рынкам РФ (ФСФР) зарегистрировала проспект облигаций ЧБТР для публичного размещения и обращения в России, Russia
03 Sep 2012BSTDB issues CHF 200 million bond
02 Aug 2012BSTDB ratings confirmed by Standard & Poor's
01 Aug 2012Moody’s reaffirms BSTDB’s credit rating
19 Jul 2012BSTDB participated in the MDB Heads of Procurement meeting in London
26 Jun 2012BSTDB President takes part in the 20th Anniversary Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) in Istanbul, Turkey
14 Jun 201217th Annual Meeting of IFIs Chief Legal Officers hosted by BSTDB
11 Jun 2012BSTDB Participates in the 26th Meeting of the BSEC Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Belgrade
23 May 2012BSTDB Participates in the PABSEC General Assembly in Yerevan, Armenia
26 Apr 2012BSTDB Establishes Euro Commercial Paper Programme
19 Apr 2012BSTDB hosted the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Chief Compliance Officers of the European International Financial Institutions, Greece
21 Mar 2012BSTDB and EIB Discuss Cooperation Opportunities
08 Mar 2012BSTDB Co-hosts a Workshop on Financial and Investment Aspects of the Model Highway Initiative in the Black Sea Region
01 Mar 2012BSTDB explores enhanced cooperation with KfW of Germany
16 Dec 2011BSTDB delegation participated in the Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of BSEC Member States in Moscow
19 Jun 2011BSTDB Business Forum held in Tirana, Albania
09 Jun 2011BSTDB signs a EUR 30 million loan agreement with the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) aimed at financing projects for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the Black Sea region
08 Jun 2011BSTDB delegation participated in the Meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of BSEC Member States in Bucharest, Romania
16 May 2011BSTDB supports the Southeastern Europe and the Mediterranean PPP Forum in Thessaloniki, Greece
22 Apr 2011BSTDB country mission to Russia, Russia
18 Apr 2011BSTDB and KfW Banking Group sign a loan agreement
13 Apr 2011BSTDB country mission to Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
11 Apr 2011BSTDB country mıssıon to Moldova, Moldova
23 Mar 2011BSTDB Country Mission to Armenia, Armenia
22 Mar 2011Pulkovo Airport Modernisation Project Awarded the Title of Infrastructure Deal of the Year, Russia
21 Mar 2011BSTDB country mission to Georgia, Georgia
17 Mar 2011BSTDB received a high-level EBRD delegation in Thessaloniki
14 Mar 2011BSTDB country mıssıon to Romania, Romania
10 Mar 2011BSTDB country mıssıon to Bulgaria, Bulgaria
07 Mar 2011BSTDB country mıssıon to Turkey, Turkey
17 Feb 2011BSTDB country mission to Greece, Greece
07 Feb 2011BSTDB country mission to Albania, Albania
17 Dec 2010BSTDB delegation visits the China Development Bank and China Eximbank
02 Dec 2010BSTDB becomes Observer - aspiring member of the Evaluation Cooperation Group of Multilateral Financial Institutions
15 Nov 2010BSTDB signs a loan agreement with Geniki Bank, Greece
28 Oct 2010BSTDB President visits Georgia, Georgia
25 Oct 2010BSTDB President visits Armenia, Armenia
09 Oct 2010BSTDB delegation headed by Mr. Kondakov, President took part in the World Bank/IMF and IIF Annual Meetings in Washington D.C.
27 Jul 2010BSTDB President met the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Athens, Greece
26 Jul 2010BSTDB President met the Minister of Economy and Competitiveness of the Hellenic Republic in Athens, Greece
24 Jun 2010BSTDB participates in the Chisinau Meeting of the Vienna Economic Talks, Moldova
19 Jun 2010BSTDB sponsored the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Pinewood International Schools (Thessaloniki), Greece
18 Jun 2010BSTDB participates in the First Regional Turkish-Greek Business Forum, Turkey
14 May 2010BSTDB delegation participated in the EBRD Annual Meeting in Zagreb
03 May 2010BSTDB delegation participated in the ADB Annual Meeting in Tashkent
28 Apr 2010BSTDB sponsored the 8th European Academic Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance held in Chios island, Greece
18 Mar 2010BSTDB President’s interview in Trend Capital (Azerbaijan), Azerbaijan
16 Mar 2010BSTDB delegation headed by the President met the Executive Secretary of the UNECE
11 Mar 2010BSTDB sponsored the Eurasia Private Sector Forum
09 Mar 2010A BSTDB banking mission led by the Vice-President Banking visited Albania, Albania
01 Mar 2010BSTDB delegation headed by the President met the IBRD Vice-President
26 Feb 2010BSTDB Board of Directors held a Joint Meeting with the Committee of Senior Officials of BSEC in Thessaloniki, Greece
22 Feb 2010BSTDB presented the economic profile and investment potential of the Back Sea region to Austrian companies
12 Nov 2009Deputy Foreign Minister Kouvelis visits the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank in Thessaloniki, Greece
21 Oct 2009BSTDB Supports SME Sector in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
16 Oct 2009BSTDB concludes a USD 20 million loan from Geniki Bank, Greece
12 Oct 2009BSTDB finances construction of a modern warehouse complex in Southern Russia, Russia
09 Oct 2009BSTDB Increases Financing to Bulgarian SMEs, Bulgaria
05 Oct 2009BSTDB Raises Financing for Operations in the Black Sea Region
21 Jul 2009BSTDB contributes to environmental modernization of a major Romanian power plant, Romania
02 Jul 2009BSTDB further develops its Trade Finance Program in Turkey, Turkey
22 Jun 2009BSTDB extends a subordinated loan to Bank ZENIT, Russia
14 Jun 2009BSTDB held its 11th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors, Greece
14 Jun 2009On the occasion of its 10-year anniversary, BSTDB hosted a Regional Economic Forum, Greece
28 Apr 2009BSTDB participates in environmental loan to Petrom, Romania
04 Nov 2008BSTDB establishes a Technical Cooperation Fund with the Development Bank of Austria
08 Oct 2008BSTDB grants Observer Status to the Nordic Investment Bank
07 Oct 2008BSTDB Shareholders subscribe for USD 1,5 billion capital increase
19 Sep 2008BSTDB syndicated loan raises USD 325 million
28 Jul 2008BSTDB increases SME financing in Bulgaria, Bulgaria
21 Jul 2008BSTDB contributes to environmental modernization of a major Romanian power plant, Romania
18 Jun 2008BSTDB supports modernization of a steel major in Albania, Albania
10 Jun 2008BSTDB continues support for SME sector in Ukraine, Ukraine
08 Jun 2008BSTDB Cooperates with AKB “EVROFINANCE MOSNARBANK”, Russia
08 Jun 2008BSTDB holds its Annual Meeting in Russia, Russia
03 Jun 2008BSTDB supports Azerbaijani mortgage market, Azerbaijan
30 May 2008BSTDB supports SME financing in Russia, Russia
23 May 2008BSTDB signs Memorandum of Understanding with VNESHECONOMBANK of Russia, Russia
18 Apr 2008BSTDB supports the development of Albanian telecom sector, Albania
29 Feb 2008BSTDB provides long-term loan to Credit Bank of Moscow to finance small and medium business, Russia
19 Feb 2008BSTDB expands its trade finance program in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
19 Feb 2008BSTDB expands its SME support programme in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
19 Feb 2008BSTDB further expands its trade finance program in Armenia, Armenia
19 Feb 2008Armenian SMEs benefit from BSTDB financing, Armenia
07 Feb 2008BSTDB and Mobiasbanca facilitate access to finance for SMEs in Moldova, Moldova
30 Jan 2008BSTDB Increases Financing for Micro and Small Business in Ukraine, Ukraine
17 Jan 2008BSTDB supports the expansion of a retail chain in Armenia, Armenia
24 Jul 2007BSTDB finances the expansion program of a major Ukrainian petroleum distribution company, Ukraine
19 Jul 2007New BSTDB Vice President assumes duties, Russia
18 Jun 2007BSTDB holds the Black Sea Business Day in Chisinau, Moldova
18 Jun 2007BSTDB extends a multi-purpose loan to Agroindbank, Moldova
18 Jun 2007BSTDB and Banca Sociala sign a loan agreement, Moldova
17 Jun 2007BSTDB holds its Ninth Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors in Chisinau, Moldova, Moldova
07 Jun 2007BSTDB supports agribusiness in Armenia, Armenia
19 Apr 2007BSTDB contributes to the development of the telecommunications sector in Turkey, Turkey
18 Apr 2007BSTDB extends its first subordinated loan in Russia, Russia
23 Feb 2007Russian businesses benefit more from BSTDB's lease financing, Russia
23 Feb 2007BSTDB supports modernization of a steel major in Bulgaria, Bulgaria
25 Jan 2007BSTDB expands its SME finance program in Russia, Russia
17 Jan 2007New Secretary General assumes duties, Greece
11 Jan 2007BSTDB expands its trade finance program in Armenia, Armenia
20 Dec 2005BSTDB Supports Electricity Production in Bulgaria, Bulgaria


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