Corporate Loans

Corporate loans are provided by BSTDB to companies (private entities, public/quasi-public institutions and/or agencies, financial institutions) in order to cover expenses such as, among others, purchasing equipment and inventories, acquiring other businesses, paying suppliers of utilities and meeting payrolls. In the general sense their coverage may be expanded to include all Balance-Sheet facilities.


Corporate loans are offered for periods not exceeding five years, although in well-justified cases may extend to seven years. The minimum size of the loan, for cost-effectiveness reasons, should be US$ 3 million, or its equivalent in another acceptable currency. Exceptions for corporate loan operations in small shareholder countries are possible, but would need to (i) achieve a minimum level of profitability and (ii) be justified persuasively.


Types of Corporate Loans offered by BSTDB:


  • Investment loans
  • Construction Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Financing of Acquisitions of Other Businesses
  • Working Capital