BSTDB offers a wide range of loans, which enables it to respond flexibly and effectively to the diverse needs of its clients and to address their specific financial risk. BSTDB tailors loans to specific financial requirements of its clients, including project, corporate and trade transactions, and affords its clients the benefit of the most sophisticated financial techniques available in the international financial markets.

BSTDB provides loans to private and state owned entities. BSTDB will offer a range of short–to–long term loan products on both variable and fixed bases. Loans are normally to be secured, although BSTDB may accept an unsecured position where this is judged to be consistent with sound banking principles. Loan covenants must be considered which will ensure the maintenance of a balanced financial structure.

Loans extended by BSTDB may be denominated in any currency, including local currencies, or a combination of currencies in which BSTDB is able to fund itself. Most loans will be medium to long term, i.e. outstanding for more than one year. BSTDB’s Financial Policies stipulate that pricing must be determined taking into account, cost of capital employed, level of risks involved, administration and operating costs incurred in generating, implementing and monitoring a loan as well as income requirements. Fees and commissions may be charged consistent with principles set out in the Bank’s Financial Policy. This includes front-end commission as well as commitment charges, prepayment and conversion fees.


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