Qualifying criteria

Eligible SME sub-borrowers must:


  • Have no more than 250 employees, excluding seasonal workers
  • Have annual turnover of not greater than €40.000.000 or net assets of not greater than €27.000.000
  • Not have any direct or indirect shareholder, either domestic or foreign based, that holds legally or beneficially more than 25% of its share capital and that has more than 250 employees, excluding seasonal workers
  • Not have any Affiliate that has more than 250 employees
  • Not be majority owned or controlled by the national or local government or government; agencies
  • Not be adjudged bankrupt or insolvent, or ordered to wind up or liquidate its affairs, by a decree or order entered against it by a court


  • Providing financial support at affordable terms to fast growing small and medium size-companies in manufacturing, food processing, transportation, construction, telecommunication and hi-tech sectors, market and social services.
  • Increase export capacity.
  • Promote job creation and revenue generation.
  • Increase competitiveness of firms in the member countries.
  • Promote intra-regional investment.
  • Facilitate know-how and technology transfer.
  • Mobilize external capital to the region.
  • Facilitate networking.
  • Improve financial sector ability to deal with and supply financing to SMEs.


  • Credit Guarantee Funds
  • Microfinance/SME Specialized Financial Institutions
  • Venture Capital/Equity Investment Funds
  • Leasing
  • Credit Lines through Selected Financial Intermediaries