In case that the other financing instruments are not appropriate, BSTDB may decide to undertake securities by subscribing to specific amounts and values issued by a public or a privately owned enterprise as a way to enhance an issuer’s access to international and domestic capital markets to broaden its financial sources.

BSTDB’s capital market activities include a range of banking activities aimed at promoting the access of borrowing member countries and corporations to the international and domestic capital markets. BSTDB may underwrite the issuance of debt securities on the part of clients in its countries of operations.

Underwriting and other capital market services creating client credit exposure to BSTDB are subject to the same internal approvals required for loan and equity investments.


BSTDB’s exposure arising from these transactions will be assessed and the return to BSTDB on the underwritten instrument will be determined on the basis of BSTDB’s loan pricing policy for an equivalent exposure.