Trade Finance

BSTDB Trade Finance Program use a number of instruments designed to address funding needs of suppliers/exporters and /or buyers/importers of Member Countries. Trade Finance business is conducted through selected financial intermediaries (such as commercial banks, leasing companies, ECAs and development banks) within the framework of a credit facility agreement signed between BSTDB and financial intermediary.

Most Trade Finance operations will normally require a financial intermediary to perform due diligence on the beneficiary (local supplier/exporter or buyer/importer) and assume that beneficiary risk -- the BSTDB has limited resources to reach beneficiaries in Member Countries, perform due diligence on them and assume the related risks.The BSTDB intention is to work with local financial institutions and support their development and capabilities to provide better service and a broader range of financial products.

BSTDB will typically consider Trade Finance operations through financial intermediaries of a minimum amount set at EUR 4 million.


BSTDB will also consider direct applications to finance exports or imports of interested beneficiaries of a minimum amount set at EUR 4 million.


Trade Finance facilities can be either short -term with a tenor of up to 360 days or medium/long-term with a tenor of up to 5 years. In exceptional circumstances long- term tenors may be extended for up to 10 years.


BSTDB can offer fixed or floating interest rates for trade finance facilities, consisting of a base rate and a margin charged on the outstanding amount of the loan. In addition to above, fees and commissions that will vary depending on the products, will be charged. Guarantee fees will be charged as a percentage of the guarantee amount per annum and will vary depending on the risk involved.