Environmental and Social Assessment

All operations financed by BSTDB are subject to environmental and social assessment as an integral part of its due diligence and appraisal process, along with risk management, financial and economic analysis, monitoring, evaluation, and other functions, which form the operation cycle of the Bank as per its Operation Cycle Policy.


The environmental and social assessment is carried out by the Environmental and Social Sustainability Office (DES) of BSTDB and it has the following main objective:


  • identify and assess the potential environmental and social risks and negative impacts, including the ones that may affect the reputation of the Bank, associated with any given operation considered by the Bank for financing;
  • identify efficient preventive and mitigation measures, as well as potential environmental and social opportunities; and
  • integrate these into the operation structure.


Thus, the Bank can take an informed decision on whether to provide financing to the assessed prospective operation, and if so, what are the environmental and social issues that need to be addressed during planning, financing and implementation of the operation.


The depth of environmental and social assessment will be appropriate to the nature and scale of the operation and commensurate with the level of environmental and social risks and impacts such operation generates including its area of influence.