Environmental and Social Compliance Requirements

All operations financed by BSTDB need to comply with the following minimum environmental and social requirements:


  • National and applicable EU environmental, labor, health and safety, and public information laws and regulations, including national commitments under international law;
  • Availability of permits, approvals, licenses and certificates required under relevant laws and regulations. If these are not available at the time of BSTDB financing approval the Client will need to submit a satisfactory plan for obtaining such permits, approvals, licenses and certificates;
  • Category A operations need to meet the requirements applied by EU, namely the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive and relevant sector-specific and cross-cutting Directives, or the requirements applied by WB/IFC. Category A operations that are likely to generate trans-boundary impacts need to meet the requirements stipulated under the Espoo and Aarhus Conventions irrespective whether the country of operation is a party to the Convention; 
  • Do not involve production, use, distribution, trade, or businesses stipulated in the BSTDB Environmental and Social Exclusion List.