International Cooperation

BSTDB works with International and National institutions to pursue best practices in approaching environmental and social issues arising from its financing in its Member States. In co-financing with other IFIs such as the World Bank Group, EBRD, EIB, NIB and ADB, as well as other European Development Banks and Agencies BSTDB may follow environmental and social procedures and standards of the co-financiers if these meet its own environmental and social requirements or are higher than its own. The Bank supports all the international agreements related to sustainable development and is making its best efforts that these are followed in its financing activities. The Bank also participates in various thematic working groups on environment and social issues such as MFI Working Group on Environment and Social issues, EDFI Working Group on Environment and Social matters, BSEC Working Group on Environment, etc., in order to develop common approach for environmental and social assessment process including good practice standards, principles and products.