Supervision and Monitoring

All the operations financed by the Bank are monitored against the agreed environmental and social compliance requirements in order to ensure that relevant environmental and social terms and conditions stipulated in the legal agreement are met, including implementation of the Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP). In addition to that, monitoring determines whether the prevention and mitigation measures employed to manage environmental and social risks and impacts are effective or need adjustments.


Monitoring of environmental and social aspects is based on the information provided by the Client in the annual environmental and social performance report, and information collected during the site visits, which are mandatory for Category A and B+ operations, and on a need basis for Category B operations. In case of complex operations with high risk environmental and social issues the Bank or the Client may retain third party independent monitoring consultants to monitor the implementation of such operations.


Environmental and social monitoring is undertaken by Environmental and Social Sustainability Office (DES) of BSTDB and is part of a broader operation implementation and monitoring process directed by the Operation Implementation and Monitoring Department (DPM) of BSTDB.