Evaluation Overviews

Evaluation Overview Reports aggregate and compare the findings of the Operation Performance Reports and relevant Evaluation Studies, on an annual basis. Thus, an overall picture of performance by countries, sectors, and types of operations, is revealed for the attention of relevant staff, management, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Governors. These reports do not contain commercially sensitive / operation specific information and therefore represent the main vehicle for broader disclosure and accountability on the Bank’s overall performance. They also allow for comparison with the performance of other IFIs as harmonized methods for measuring performance are used. Lessons learned that were distilled from the BSTDB’s and other IFIs’ evaluations are reflected in the overview reports and used in support of each new operation, along with respective recommendations.

List of Evaluation Overview files

Date Title
05 Jun 2009 Mid Term Evaluation of the BSTDB’S Business Plan and Country Strategies 2007- 2010 (0.42 MB)