Evaluation Reports

The Operation Performance Evaluation Reports are prepared after an operation has been completed, according to internationally harmonised methodology, outlined in the Bank’s Post Evaluation Policy. Each report contains Executive Summary; Overview of the Evaluated Activity; Main Method/Criteria Used; Main Findings and Ratings; Lessons Learned; Conclusions and recommendations, as well as Annexes with supporting material. The internationally acknowledged evaluation ratings within each report reflect the accountability function of the evaluation, while the section of lessons learned represents the learning function. The reports provide a comprehensive judgement on operation’s, Client’s and Bank’s performance. Their findings are based on the completion reports prepared by the implementing team, all relevant files/documents and consultation with sponsors, Clients, Bank staff and other relevant parties. Each evaluation report is presented to the Credit Committee and the Board Of Directors.


This section will include examples of evaluation reports and summaries. For further details, please contact the Head of the Evaluation office, Mr. Todor Dimitrov

List of Evaluation Reports files

Date Title
08 May 2008 Evaluation Report KCM Bulgaria (0.29 MB)