Completion and Evaluation Stage

Following Operation Completion, the Bank undertakes a post-evaluation assessment of its operational performance. This provides an independent analysis of the outcome of completed operations against the objectives and results envisaged at the time of appraisal. Post-evaluation serves two key functions:
  • accountability to the Bank’s Management and Boards that reveals the level of fulfillment of BSTDB’s mandate and
  • learning-based improvement of future operations through the feedback of lessons learned from evaluated operations.


 The evaluation process has two aspects:

  • self-evaluation, performed by the operation teams and outlined in Operation Completion Reports, typically within 2 years of operation repayment;
  • independent evaluation, conducted by the Evaluation Office and outlined in Operation Performance Evaluation Reports and respective Annual Evaluation Overviews, presented to the Management and Boards.


 This Operation Performance Evaluation Reports and the Annual Evaluation Overviews provide comprehensive information on the following:

  • relevance vis-à-vis the Bank’s mandate and strategies;
  • success in reaching the operation’s main goals and objectives, i.e. operation effectiveness;
  • the cost of achieving operation effectiveness, i.e. operation efficiency;
  • the development, cooperation and other impacts;
  • the operation’s commercial viability/ sustainability;
  • Feedback and recommendations on possible improvements;
  • Achievements and shortcomings attributable to the Bank and its clients;
  • Lessons Learned and recommendations relevant to future similar operations.