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Operation Summary

Operation Name:

Trans-Oil Pre-Export Finance Facility

Identification Code:

Total Operation Cost:170.000.000  USD

12 months

Operation Status:
BSTDB Approved AmountApproval Date
30.000.000  USD26 May 2017
BSTDB Signed AmountSigned Date
30.000.000  USD12 Jul 2017
Status: Active
Description and Purpose
of the Operation:

Participation in an USD 170 million syndicated Pre-Export Finance Facility to Trans-Oil Group of companies, Republic of Moldova. The pre-export facility will be used for the financing of seasonal working capital needs associated with origination, primary processing, storage and transportation of corn, feed wheat, milling wheat, barley, rape seeds, soybeans, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil (in bulk), refined sunflower oil in bottle, sunflower meal and/ or any other agricultural commodity approved by the majority lenders (the "Commodities") and their subsequent export from Moldova.

Countries of Operation:
Moldova100,00 %
Financial Product:



Consumer Staples




Trans-Oil International S.a., Switzerland


A syndicate of banks with MLA: Societe Generale , Zurich Branch. Other Participants in the yearós 2016/2017 Facility: Mobiasbanca, IFC, Banca Comerciala Romana, Arab Bank Ltd, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Fimbank.


Aragvi Holding International Ltd., Cyprus, (the "Parent Company") and all its direct and indirect subsidiaries

Developmental and Regional Cooperation Impact:

The agricultural sector in Moldova accounts for roughly 15% of gross value added and employs around one third of the working age population. Trans-Oil works with more than 400 farms, located all around the country Consequently, Trans-Oil Group performance in the country is essential not only for the livelihood of the Trans-Oil 1,700 + workers of the Group but indirectly to another 6-7,000 people.

Environmental Classification and Impact (summary):

Category B operation. Financing of seasonal working capital for the purchase of soft commodities is not likely to be associated with significant environmental and social (E&S) issues, and the existing risks and impacts are generally limited, site specific, and can be readily addressed through prevention and mitigation measures applied in agribusiness sector, such as grain and sunflower seeds production and manufacturing of sunflower oil and meals.

Operation Leader:

General Industries, Transport, Tourism 1


As of 31 Dec 2017