What We Do


All financing activities shall be undertaken by the Bank for operations that are consistent with the methods and considerations set out in Articles 12 and 13 of the Establishing Agreement.


Subject to the conditions stipulated in the Establishing Agreement, the Bank may provide or facilitate financing for operations within and among member countries, giving special emphasis, wherever possible, to operations which promote economic and social development and strengthen cooperation among member countries.

Types of Operations

  • Loans: BSTDB shall make, co-finance, participate in, guarantee loans to its member countries, to any of their agencies, and to public or private legal entities operating within such countries, either on a standalone basis or with other multilateral financial and development institutions, commercial banks and other interested international, regional, or national entities concerned with the economic progress and developmental aspects of the Black Sea region – irrespective of whether they belong to member countries or not.
  • Guarantees: BSTDB shall offer both full and partial commercial and political risk guarantees. The Bank may guarantee, whether as primary or secondary obligor, in whole or in part, loans for economic development.
  • Equity: BSTDB may invest in equity capital, directly or through various financial vehicles, for the ultimate benefit of the member countries.
  • Special products: BSTDB shall develop other special products to meet evolving client needs, as and when deemed necessary.
  • Development Programs: BSTDB shall support: (i) trade activities among member countries and shall facilitate increased volume of exports from member countries within and outside the region, (ii) small and medium size enterprise (SMEs) development, and (iii) strengthening of the financial sector.
  • Special Funds for Technical Assistance: BSTDB aims to play a catalytic role in the greater Black Sea region for both public and private sector operations consistent with its dual mandate.