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BSTDB Webinar on Financing the Post-Pandemic Recovery of Bulgarian Businesses

News | 30-Sep-2020

The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB)  hosted a webinar on the “Financing opportunities for Bulgarian companies”, in particular for their post-pandemic recovery, on 30 September 2020, at 10:30am (EEST).

The interactive webinar was targeting mostly medium to large sized enterprises in the manufacturing sector, including the automotive industry, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, etc., as well as in agriculture and food processing. 
BSTDB President Dmitry Pankin and Marinela Petrova, Deputy Minister of Finance for Bulgaria, opened  the event.


Vessela Margaritova, BSTDB Senior Banker for Industry, Transport and Tourism and Tsvetka Karneva, BSTDB Principal Banker for Financial Institutions,  introduced the Bank’s products and answered questions from interested participants. Delyana Pesheva, Banking Relationship Officer, Oliva AD, a BSTDB business client in Bulgaria, shared first hand views and experience in working with BSTDB. The discussion was  moderated by Nikolay Stoyanov, Editor of Capital, a leading financial sector edition in Bulgaria.


To watch the event in Bulgarian language, click here

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