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BSTDB Talks on Pandemic Impact and Presents New Regional PPP Initiative at BSEC Working Group on Banking and Finance

News | 11-Nov-2020

On 11 November, BSTDB contributed to the discussion of the BSEC Working Group on Banking and Finance, in particular with respect to the COVID 19 economic impact and the financial sector developments in the Black Sea region.

The Bank has presented the progress achieved in the preparation of the Online PPP-BSTDB Center, which shall be launched soon to attract investment interest in infrastructure projects and serve as a reference source for public-private partnership (PPP) initiatives throughout the Black Sea region. The Center currently hosts about 100 PPP projects from across the Region, all the way from pre-investment stage to operational, along with a roster of seasoned PPP professionals and information on PPP norms, international practices and latest trends.

The establishment of this regional PPP platform was supported by the Black Sea Project Promotion Facility - a technical assistance fund financed by Russia.  More information on: www.pppblacksea.com

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