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What we offer

BSTDB offers a wide range of financial instruments and takes a flexible approach in structuring its financial products. The principal forms of direct financing offered by the bank are loans, equity and guarantees. Our financial products may be offered separately or in any combination. The terms of the Bank's products are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Adjustments may be made throughout the life of an operation, if so provided in the original documentation.

  • Loans

    Tailor-made project, corporate or credit line loans to suit public or private entities’ needs at fair rates and with the benefit of the most sophisticated financial techniques available.

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  • Guarantees

    For the public and private sector in a broad range of circumstances.

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  • Equity investment

    For private entities to attain additional private capital from external sources.

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  • Special products

    For a range of additional products including underwriting, hedging instruments, financial leasing, forfeiting and discounting.

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  • Trade finance

    For local financial institutions to begin or expand trading and provide better services and a broader range of financial products.

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  • SMEs

    For financing to support and facilitate growth and stability for SMEs at affordable rates.

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  • Financial sector development

    For financing to assist financial institutions strengthen their balance sheet, match better assets with liabilities, diversify client base and improve portfolio quality.

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  • Special funds for technical assistance

    For financing towards the establishment or strengthening of institutional structures, practices, studies, initiatives and preparation for future work.

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  • Co-financing

    A whole range of co-financing solutions, often resulting in borrowers obtaining other financing, especially from private sources and at more favorable terms.

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  • Financing programmes

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