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Consultancy services

The Bank uses consultancy services of an intellectual or advisory nature to complement the Bank’s capabilities in areas, such as institution building; restructuring; policy advice; management; legal, financial and procurement services, analysis and research, identification, preparation and implementation of projects and training. Consultancy assignments regarding selection and employment of consultants by the Bank’s clients are guided by the Bank’s Procurement Principles and Rules.

The main selection principles are high quality services; economy and efficiency; encouragement of development and use of national consultants from member countries; and transparency in the selection process. There are no country eligibility restrictions on the selection and hiring of consultants, subject to prohibition by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

  • 1. Selection Method

    The Bank considers that the need for achieving an acceptable balance reflecting the above mentioned selection principles, may best be addressed through competitive selection procedures between suitably experienced, qualified consultants, though direct selection shall often be appropriate for contracts of lower values.  For consultancy assignments up to 75,000 EUR both direct and competitive selection procedures are allowed. For assignments over 75,000 EUR, competitive selection procedures shall be followed. The Bank shall publish on its website all procurement notices for employment of Consultants on its own account, where the estimated cost of the assignment is more than 150,000 EUR. In assignments over 75,000 EUR, the selected short-list of consultants shall be published on the Bank’s website.

    The consultant selected for contract award shall be the experienced consultant that has been determined as being capable of performing the contract satisfactorily and, where competitive procedures were used, that who submitted the highest ranked submission strictly in response to the terms and conditions stated in the invitation.

  • 2. Professional standards

    Consultants shall be contractually required to:

    • observe the highest standard of ethics during the selection and execution of Bank financed contracts;
    • provide professional, objective, and impartial advice;
    • hold the Bank’s interests paramount at all times, without any regard for future work;
    • strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments or their own corporate interests.

    No consultant, nor any of its affiliates, shall be hired for any assignment where there may be a conflict with another assignment past, present or to be carried out by the consultant, unless any such conflict can be resolved to the Bank’s satisfaction.

  • 3. Consultant Registration

    The Bank maintains a database of consultants to provide a long-list of consultants to Bank staff and borrowers for their use in projects financed by the Bank or for internal purposes. Consultants interested in registering with the Bank’s Database of Consultants are kindly requested to fill the Consultants Questionnaire and send it to procurement@bstdb.org

    The Bank is committed to the protection of your personal data in accordance with its Policy on the Protection of Personal Data (www.bstdb.org/privacy)

Current Solicitations for Consultancy Services

Currently there are no solicitations.
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