For the submission of a Complaint or any questions about the Bank’s complaints mechanism you may contact the Internal Audit Department preferably by using the form below or alternatively by mail, e-mail, fax or telephone. Please mark any correspondence as “CONFIDENTIAL”.

Before submitting a Complaint, please read carefully the Procedure for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints.

Contact Details:
Internal Audit Department, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
1, Komninon Str., GR-546 24 Thessaloniki,

BSTDB Complaints Hotline: (+30)2310-290524
Fax: (+30)2310-290593
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Please note that the confidential nature of reports may restrict disclosure of details of the investigation.
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You may wish for your name to be kept confidential. If that is the case, your name will not be disclosed without your consent. Any information received will be handled to ensure that your identity is not revealed to anyone outside the investigation team.