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To foster economic growth and regional cooperation through the financing of projects and provision of financial services for public and private entities in the Black Sea Region.

Target borrowers and projects

  • Public and private companies with operations in one or more of the Member States;
  • Transactions, which benefit Member States and have a development impact;
  • Economically sustainable and financially viable projects;
  • Projects, which promote regional cooperation.

Products & Services

  • Lending: Short to long-term loans, typically extended in USD or EUR;
  • Trade finance: Extended to firms importing from Member States and to regional exporters;
  • Credit lines to local financial intermediaries to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
  • Mortgage Facilities: Loans to financial intermediaries to finance mortgage lending;
  • Equity funds and investments;
  • Guarantees;
  • Co-financings.


  • BSTDB is not a profit maximizing organization; operations are priced according to risk with reference to market pricing;
  • The Bank does not provide grant financing or concessional lending.


  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Public utilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Municipal services
  • Environmental protection
  • SMEs