In the operation cycle, there are two critical involvements of the independent Evaluation Office – at the operation’s design stage, as well as at its completion stage. During operation’s design, the implementation teams consult with the Evaluation Office in order to include in the operation’s files a list of relevant lessons learned, based on the internal and external (other IFIs) experience with similar projects. The lessons learned ensure a critical enhancement of the BSTDB operations at their outset.


Furthermore, the BSTDB’s completed operations are thoroughly and systematically evaluated by the Independent Evaluation Office, on a sampling basis, covering over 40% of all completed operations. This results in Operation Performance Evaluation Reports, with respective recommendations for improvement, presented to the Credit Committee and the Board of Directors. In some cases Mid-Term Operation Evaluation Reports are also produced on operations prior to their completion, when an in-depth analysis is needed in the course of their implementation and/or restructuring.