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Independent accountability-Complaints mechanism

The Bank’s Complaints Mechanism was established in 2009, as per the “Procedure for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints”, under the coordination and management of the Internal Audit Department. It is the institution’s Independent Accountability Mechanism (IAM) for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints received by the Bank from any source, either internally or externally, in connection with any project/operation, accounting, internal control or other matters. The process followed (approved by the Board of Directors) is described in the Procedure for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints.

The Complaints Mechanism is primarily intended to provide proper independent means and process for reviewing allegations received from people affected or feeling affected by a decision or practice of the Bank or by an operation funded by the Bank and to ensure their effective treatment. It has also been proven to serve as a useful and effective tool for improving internal processes, as regards the Bank’s operations and its internal administration.

The mechanism’s set-up and functioning is in accordance with best practices and in line with similar mechanisms of other International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and it is viewed positively by the Bank’s counterparts, including by rating agencies, co-financiers and other stakeholders. All complaints received (internally or externally) are reviewed and/or investigated in detail as per the Bank’s procedure. 

The Internal Audit Department, representing the Bank, is a member of the “IFIs Independent Accountability network”. The network’s objectives include identifying current accountability trends, good practices and knowledge, exchanging views, sharing experiences, contributing in supporting institutional capacity building in accountability and exploring the possibility of greater harmonization among the IFIs’ Accountability/Complaints mechanisms.

Furthermore, in order to raise awareness and cooperation among stakeholders, public/ outreach events are organized in Member States, usually jointly with other IFIs. The objective of such events is to share information about independent accountability mechanisms (IAMs), exchange views with Civil Society Organizations on their experiences and listen to concerns, and discuss ideas from the participating organizations about promoting accountability and redressing harm.

For the submission of a Complaint or for any questions regarding the Bank’s Complaints Mechanism you may contact the Internal Audit Department, preferably by using the form below or alternatively by mail, e-mail, fax or telephone. Please mark any correspondence as “CONFIDENTIAL”.

Before submitting a Complaint, please read carefully the Procedure for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints.

To file a Complaint, please follow the link: File a complaint