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Recruitment process

The BSTDB aims to attract, develop and motivate highly qualified staff. In doing so, it adopts a competency based recruitment approach. Its selection process aims to identify the candidates who best match the specific job profile of the vacancies.

The BSTDB’s Establishment Agreement (art.29.5) requires to ensure recruitment on a broad geographical basis with preference being given to citizens of the BSTDB’s Member States. The BSTDB values the diversity of its staff.

The appointments offered are fixed-term. All appointments are subject to meeting pre-employment conditions such as reference, medical and criminal record checks, and are confirmed after a successful probation period. No close relatives of the BSTDB’s employees can be offered any type of appointment in BSTDB.

In the ordinary course of business, successful applicants may expect that the Recruitment Process takes up to six months. This period may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances or internal reasons of the BSTDB.