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Salaries and benefits

The BSTDB offers an internationally compatible salary, benefits and allowances package, a health and insurance plan and a Pension Plan. All benefits are subject to eligibility criteria. The nature and level of benefits is fully explained during the recruitment process.

The BSTDB provides financial and logistical assistance for eligible staff relocating to its Thessaloniki Headquarter. Other allowances such as Relocation, Accommodation, Dependant and Education are offered to eligible staff members.

In addition to public holidays, qualifying staff members receive a minimum of 20 days' leave rising to a maximum of 30 days, depending on years of service. The BSTDB also has provisions for home leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave and special leave.

Eligible staff members benefit from the BSTDB Pension Plan. The Plan consists of 3 Pillars, the first one representing the defined benefit, and the other two – the defined contribution component.  Participation in the First Pillar is automatic and non-contributory for the staff.  Participation in the other two pillars is voluntary.  The Bank’s early retirement age is 55, normal retirement age is 60, and mandatory retirement age is 65.