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Basic Macroeconomic Indicators 2021
GDP Total:
GDP Per Capita:
284,086.40 (US$ M)
14,696.66 (US$)
Real GDP growth: 5.90%
Inflation (CPI Avg.): 5.05%
Foreign Direct Investment: 10,456.50 (US$ Million)
Key Facts
Capital: Bucharest
Total Population: 19.33 Million
Currency: Leu (L) (RON)

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Black Sea Region data based on BSTDB calculations from National Statistical Agencies of the countries of the Black Sea Region and the International Monetary Fund IFS Database. Additional sources include the IMF’s World Economic Outlook publications (and their updates) and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Projects by Sector

Number of OperationsAmount (EUR)
Board Approved50813.829.085
Signed: Excluding Cancelled Amounts

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    Member Since: 1997

    Mr. Alin Marius ANDRIEȘ

    Secretary of State, Ministry of Public Finance 

    Alternate Governor:

    Ms. Boni Florinela Cucu
    General Director, General Directorate for ECOFIN, Financial Assistance and International Financial Relations, Ministry of Finance 


    Ms. Diana BLINDU

    Head of Division, Management of External Loans, General Directorate for Financial Relations, Ministry of Finance

    Alternate Director:

    Position Vacant

    Capital subscription status at 31 December 2021
    No of Shares: 280.000
    Shareholding Percentage: 14,00%
    Paid: 96.600 (Expressed in EUR 000)