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Center-invest Bank (Russia)


In 2017, the Bank provided its first Ruble-denominated loan, amounting to RUB 1 billion, to Center-Invest Bank, based in Rostov-on-Don and operating in Southern Russia, a priority region for BSTDB in the country. This facility responds to the increasing demand from private small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Russia for local currency financing. The operation facilitates the access of Russian SMEs to affordable financing, thus stimulating entrepreneurship and economic growth in Southern Russia. 29 eligible SMEs were financed by Center-Invest Bank using BSTDB funds in 2017.

Center-Invest Bank has been a long-standing partner of BSTDB since 2006, when BSTDB provided a subordinated loan of USD 10 million to support the capitalization of the bank. In 2014 a second loan, amounting to USD 20 million for SME finance, was extended by BSTDB. The funding was on-lent by Center-Invest Bank to about 90 small and medium companies to support their business activities in Southern Russia.