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How we operate


Evaluation is the process of assessing operations, programs, activities and strategies through systematic and rigorous analysis of their outputs, outcomes and impact against expected results and the overall mission of the Bank. BSTDB, like other development banks, has an independent Evaluation Office, which performs a wide spectrum of evaluations presented in various forms, including Operation Performance Evaluation Reports, Annual Evaluation Overviews, Evaluation Studies, etc. The results of those reports and studies are regularly presented to the Bank’s management, Board of Directors and Board of Governors. Various evaluation results are also available to outside partners and the public.

The evaluation function has two basic objectives, serving the overall purpose of assessing mandate fulfillment and drawing lessons for improved future operations: (i) Accountability – to reveal the results of the Bank’s operations/activities, both intended and otherwise, and assess their contribution to the Bank’s mission; and (ii) Quality Management Improvement – to derive significant lessons learned from past experience and using them for improving future operations. A detailed information on the evaluation function and its products is contained in the BSTDB’s Post Evaluation Policy, approved by the Bank’s Board of Directors.

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