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How we operate


The purpose of Long Term Strategies, Medium Term Strategies and Business Plans, Country Strategies, and Budgets is to ensure that the purpose and functions as set forth in Article 1 and 2 of the Establishment Agreement are observed and fulfilled.

  • The Long term strategy formulates the BSTDB’s mission, vision, values, objectives and goals over a ten year planning period.
  • The Medium-Term Strategy and Business Plan (MTSBP) details the Long-term strategy’s objectives and goals, and sets specific targets over a four year period. It is comprised of strategic, operational and financial plans and represents a key strategic document of BSTDB.
  • The purpose of the Country strategies is to define areas of priority action and identify needs and business opportunities with respect to the mission of the Bank over the planning period in individual Member States.  
  • Short-term strategies, operational targets, work programs and financial statements are included in the Budget. Budgets are structured on an annual basis and serve the purpose of updating and implementing medium term strategies and reporting financial and operational results of the Bank, as appropriate, to Management, to the Board of Directors, to the Board of Governors and the public at large.