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How we operate


The Bank permits businesses, whether firms or individuals, from any country, to offer goods, works and services for Institutional Purchasing and Bank-financed projects, regardless of whether the country is a member of the Bank, and to tender or submit proposals independently or participate as subcontractors. Businesses from developing countries as well as from the Bank’s member states are encouraged to participate on equal (or otherwise stated) terms and thereby assist their own country’s development process.

The procurement process is governed by rules and principles depending on the nature of the corresponding purchase, as follows:

  • Project Procurement relates to the solicitation of goods, works and services for Bank-financed projects.
  • Internal Purchasing relates to the solicitation of goods, works and services for institutional use by the Bank.
  • Consultancy Services relates to the selection and employment of consultants that provide the Bank with services of an intellectual and advisory nature.

Current solicitations, over the minimum threshold established in the corresponding rules of the above categories, are presented below. In the exceptional case of a Bank’s fixed asset sale, the respective announcements are also included among these solicitations.